2022 | My Book Reviews

In 2022, I read and reviewed 24 books!

Two of them were in German - a great achievement for me!

Four of my favourite books from 2022 were non-fiction books that really blew my mind and taught me a lot about the world we live in and the future we face.

Not always uplifting news, but the truth nonetheless.

Check out my book reviews to see for yourself!

George Clooney dressed in a black suit running, against a red background with a silhouette of a womans face.
man playing a guitar and a woman sitting next to him under a tree
book cover design with coloured stripes. Yellow at the top, then red, then pink and black at the bottom

black and white image of the face of a young girl resting on her arms.
right-side of the cover is the image of the half face of a young black boy with the title of the book in big yellow letters.
Graphic design of a yellow sun on a light blue background

book cover design of a green sea at the bottom and a red flower on a peach colured background at the top
photo of a man crouching down on grass surrounded by 4 dogs
photo of a man looking through a blind

abstract graphic image in black and white
collage image of a horse in black on a red and green background
image of a young black boy running with a colourful background

white background with a small photo of Kim il-sung at the top and a man standing facing away from the viewer at the top
black book cover with the words This Is How They Tell Me The World Ends in big letters
Red book cover with illustrations of the Harry Potter characters and the title in the middle

Yellow/orange book cover with graphic picture of a young woman holding a baby
Yellow book cover with graphic image in pink of arms and legs and a head
Red book cover with the title of the book Midnight's Children and Salman Rushdies

Book cover with colourful graphic images of women and title of book written in white on top of the image
bbok cover depicting a woman reclining and the title and author's names on top of the image
book cover of a photo of a woman slumped and falling off a chair

books cover with photo of a young black girl with her arms crossed
book cover with title of book THe Bullet That Missed by Richard Osman
Book cover in grey, with title at the top and at the bottom a collage that depicts a mans face looking upwards

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