Blog Post | Oh, The Humanity!
Is humanity reaching it's twilight phase or will we work together to find a way and redeem ourselves?
Blog Post | My Top 10 Artists Of All Time
Lists | Top 10 Lists · 12.03.2023
An exploration of the 10 artists who shaped my perspective, ignited my passion and left indelible marks upon my soul.

Blog Post | My Top 10 Favourite Fiction Books
Lists | Top 10 Lists · 23.08.2022
Ever wondered what my favourite books are? Well, now you can find out with the list of my top 10 favourite non-fiction books of all time!
Blog Post | Fun In The Sun
In this blog post I delve into the scorching topic of the heatwaves engulfing Europe and beyond. I also navigate the complexities of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and offer my own perpsective on the unfolding events.

Blog Post | A Change Is Gonna Come?
As Angela Merkel steps down, who will form the new German Government and will policy triumph over ego?
Blog Post | A Divided World
Blog | Opinion & Tech · 28.07.2021
In this post I dive into the complex realm of online extremism and look at how YouTube became the preferred tool for radicalization.

Blog Post | Thank Fuck It's February!
As February 2021 bids us farewell, I ask: Is there hope on the horizon? This blog post looks at lockdowns, the pandmeic response and vaccines.
Blog Post | January Blues
Has the new year gotten off to a good start? 2021 begins with the Capitol building being stormed. Is this an omen of what is to come?

Blog Post | American Horror Story
A pivotal moment in history unfolded in the first week of 2021. We'll look at how events unfolded when disgruntled Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building.
Blog Post  |  Life In The Time Of Corona
A blog post looking at the big anti-corona protests taking place in Berlin and the increase in fake news and conspiracy theories.

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