Books | Non-Fiction

I enjoy reading non-fiction books about politics, society and tech.


Many of the non-fiction books I've read recently make for pretty scary reading.

book cover of Do Not Disturb by Michela Wrong in colours of Rwandan flag

Michela Wrong's brilliantly researched book about the Kagame regime in Rwanda was a fascinating and eye-opening look at the history of the region and where it could potenmtially be heading.

book cover of a problem from hell by samatha power
book cover of dear leader by jang jin-sung
book cover of this is how they tell me the world ends

bok cover of a man in a long overcoat and a hat with his back to the viwer and the Kremlin at the bottom and in front of the man
Book cover of Doppelganger by Naomi Klein on the Blog and Books grey spiral background
This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein lying on wooden floor

Book cover of Wild Swans by Jung Chang on blog and books spiral background

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