Miss Kim Knows | Cho Nam-Joo

short stories | feminism | korean

First published 2023

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"All it took was the sight of the name "Kim Hyewon" and the old latch keeping that door closed to the past gave a feeble squeak".

From the writer of the incredible, Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982, comes this collection of short stories that explore themes of identity, social pressure, feminism and the pursuit of the meaning of life.

Set in modern day South Korea, Cho weaves together multiple narratives that explore the complexities of modern womanhood, the societal expectations placed on women in Korean society and how they have changed over the generations, and the various characters' quests to find their sense of fulfilment through their careers, children and partners.

My Verdict

I really, really love Cho Nam-Joos's style and her way of tackling complex and challenging issues with incredible subtlety. The short stories in this collection confront some uncomfortable truths, but Cho infuses the narratives with humour, keeping the stories engaging and accessible. She paints the characters' individuality vividly, and we're drawn into each character's world and fully immersed in their lives, if only for a brief moment. I will always be excited to read everything Cho Nam-Joo publishes!

Published 25.03.2024

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