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First published 2021

Perlroth is The New York Times cybersecurity reporter. This book explains in horrifying detail the new, and very real threat the world faces - a new cold war has started and it involves government-backed, invisible, secret arms dealers. But this time around, instead of nuclear weapons, it's cyberweapons, and the big players on the cyberweapons market that could potentially bring humanity to an end.

A zero-day bug is a software bug that allows hackers to break into systems and devices, moving around undetected and gathering information. The most coveted tool in a spy's arsenal, zero-days have the power to turn off nuclear plants, electrical grids, spy on iPhones, alter the results of elections, and wipe out patient's records at hospitals.

The US government was the worlds biggest hoarder of zero-day exploits for decades, paying millions of tax-payer dollars to any hacker who was willing to sell them their hacks. But, the US quickly lost control of the market, and now anyone willing to pay top dollar can get their hands on these exploits and carry out a potentially devastating cyberattack.

This book details how and why Russia has invaded Ukraine. How it has been carrying out cyberattacks on Ukraine's infrastructure for years, using the country as a testing ground for it's more advanced cyberattacks on the US and Europe (think the 2016 Trump election and the massive data breach at the NHS in the UK - all Russia!) Iran's future as a real threat to cybersecurity and China's theft of intellectual property from Government agencies and the big tech companies. 

My Verdict: This is a terrifying look into the future and the big players who are going head-to-head to be the biggest cyberweapons powers on Earth. As one US security expert/hacker says, the end of the world will be an accident. One false character in some code and... BOOM!

The title of this book is frightening enough, but the contents are truly harrowing. If you really want to know how the world will end and discover the deeper, hidden objectives behind Russia's invasion of Ukraine, then read it. If you prefer to live in blissful ignorance, then don't read it. I'll be having nightmares for years to come.

Review Award - 5/5 | One of my favourite books of 2022!

Posted 27.07.2022

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