All Dogs Great And Small | Graeme Hall

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First published 2021

Graeme Hall has worked with over 5,000 dogs, helping to correct a wide range of behavioural problems. In this book, Graeme shares his experiences of training dogs; sharing the successful outcomes and also the less successful ones. He backs up his training techniques with scientific research and offers readers his golden rules for effective dog training; perfect for us dog owners and our four-legged, furry friends.

What I liked most about this book, were Graeme's personal stories of dog-training and how each dog has its own unique personalilty. There are some dog-training rules to follow that can be adapted to each individual dog and situation. The chapter about his two beloved Rottweilers had me crying.

A great book for new dog owners like me!

Review Award - 5/5

Posted 28.03.2022

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