The Bullet That Missed: A Thursday Murder Club Mystery | Richard Osman


fiction  |  comedy  |  murder mystery  |  series

First published 2022

Main Characters

Joyce, Elizabeth, Ibrahim, Ron, Donna, Chris, The Viking, Viktor, Alan the Dog, Bogdan


The gang are back to solve a new crime involving an ex-KGB agent, a Swedish Cryptocurrency expert and a corrupt police officer. The third part in the Thursday Murder Club Series, and the gang of pensioners from Coopers Chase Retirement Village once again find themselves caught in the middle of a case. this time they are trying to solve the mysterious death of TV present Bethany Waites. Waites was investigating a huge VAT fraud and the people behind the crime wanted her out of the picture.  But who was behind the fraud, who killed Bethany, and would the gang be able to crack the case before time ran out?

My Verdict

This is such a feel-good series, and I'm always excited when the new one is released. The characters are so great and well-rounded, that you really want to be friends with them. I'm really excited for the planned film version and I'm very curious about who will play who. My bets are on Helen Mirren as Elizabeth and Judy Dench as Joyce.

Review Award - 5/5

Posted 25.11.2022

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