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First published 2003

I don't think I really need to give anyone a detailed explanation of what happens in this book, as I am literally the last person on Earth who has read it! But a short synopsis is that Harry lives with his horrible aunt and uncle after his parents are killed. He then receives a letter with an invitation to start school at Hogwarts: a school for Wizards and Witches. He begins school and has many adventures during his first year, including becoming the top Quidditch player and stopping Voldemort from getting his hands on the Philosopher's Stone which gives the holder eternal life.

My Verdict: I read this book in German after reading and hearing from many people trying to learn a new language that it is a good series of books to start with - and they were right! Not only did I learn a lot of new German words, but I also discovered why the Harry Potter series is so loved by readers of all ages. It's fantastically written, it's exciting and it's a real page-turner. I will get the entire series and read them all in German! Maybe I'll even be fluent at the end of it! (I doubt it!)

Review Award - 5/5

posted 12.08.2022

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