The Last Devil To Die: A Thursday Murder Club Mystery | Richard Osman

mystery | crime | thriller | series

First published 2023

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The Thursday Murder Club is back and the team are as sharp-witted and endearing as ever in this fourth installment of the hugely popular crime-solving series. If you're not a fan of this group of mischevious pensioners, where have you been living for the past few years?

In The Last Devil To Die, we join our favourite group of amateur sleuths - Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim & Ron - as they try to solve the brutal murder of Antiques dealer, Kuldesh. How has he become mixed up with South-East England's biggest Heroin ring? What role does Elizabeth's husband, Stephen play, and who is murdering everyone involved?

If you've read the 3 other books in the series (you should, they're great!), then you'll be as eager as I was to jump back into Coopers Chase retirement village and catch up with the gang and their friends. Osman's ability to balance humour, suspense and also tackle more serious subjects, gives each character a unique voice, making them feel like old acquaintances.

My Verdict: Another fantastic addition to this highly enjoyable series. I simply love these characters, and although this book had quite a serious and sad theme running through it, that only made the characters even more relatable. A nice twisty mystery that I can really recommend!

Review Award | 4.5/5

Posted 09.10.2023

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