Stasi Child | David Young

cold war | thriller | mystery | historical fiction

First published 2015

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This novel is set in the bleak and oppressive landscape of 1975 East Berlin. We follow Oberleutnant Karin Müller as she navigates a complex web of secrets, political intrigue, and personal dilemmas. Young's portrayal of the authoritarian Stasi regime is chilling authentic and creates an atmosphere that is as stifling as it is intriguing.

Müller is a tenacious investigator whose determination to uncover the truth is both inspiring and relatable. Her interactions with the enigmatic and street-smart teenager, Irma, add an unexpected layer of emotion to the story. The dynamic between the two protagonists adds depth to the narrative, offering a balance between the grim reality of their world and the flickers of humanity that persist even in the darkest of times.

David Young has created a thrilling mystery with vivid descriptions of every day life in a divided city. Young's attention to detail is incredible, and his prose brings the contrasting worlds of East and West Berlin to life, making the setting as much a character as the individuals themselves. 

My Verdict: Cold War thrillers and mysteries can often be a genre full of formulaic plots, but Stasi Child stands out as a refreshing and thought-provoking read, full of twists and turns that keep the reader guessing. Fans of espionage, historical fiction, and strong female protagonists will find this book very interesting. Overall, this novel is a engrossing journey into the Cold War era in Berlin; full of mystery and suspense. It leaves you wanting more. 

Review Award | 4/5

Posted 25.08.2023

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