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February 2021 Is Over. What's Coming Next, I Wonder?

Are you feeling relieved to have survived another month?

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"February is the shortest month, so if you’re having a miserable month, try to schedule it for February." 

Lemony Snickett

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So, you survived February! Well done you! And what's that over there, sneaking its mischievous head around the corner with a cheeky smile on its face?  Oh! It's March! And what's that smell? A whiff of optimism? Do I detect the scent of good news? But wait. Think back to last March. Remember how we were all fooled? Oh, this pandemic, the Coronavirus I think all the cool kids are calling it, it's a fad, a flash in the pan, it'll go away soon enough...

Fast forward to the present day. Corona doesn't seem to be one of those whimsical phenomenons like fidget spinners. It looks like it's here to settle down, overstaying its welcome like that annoying neighbour who you "invited" for coffee, but who actually came for coffee and has now added you to the neighbourhood What's App group, bombarding you with memes about puppies laughing like humans.

For the lucky ones among us, we've had to spend the last 12 months confined to our living rooms, in front of screens, making the hardest decisions of our lives... what will we eat today? Inspiration ebbs and flows, the resulting banana breads, soda breads and all of Jamie Oliver's back catalogue have led to unprecedented weight gain.

But now, March, the season of new beginnings is upon us and there appears to be something resembling a plan. It's unfolding before our very eyes. Those clever scientists have done the impossible and now people all over the globe are getting jabbed.

Surprisingly, the UK has become something of a shining example of how to handle a mass vaccine rollout; after showing the world a shining example of how NOT to handle a pandemic. Boris, a man who resembles the Honey Monster on steroids, has managed to put together a coherent, practical, re-opening strategy. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. The word Boris was in the same sentence as the words coherent and practical. 2021 is already sounding very different from 2020!

Looking back towards February, inching slowly closer towards March, with trepidation, we allow ourselves to look forward and at first glance it seems as if March will get off to quite a good start. And, if we ignore what's happening in Myanmar, Yemen, Syria, Greece, Brazil, Russia, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Uganda, Belarus, Poland, Lebanon... then that positive outlook shouldn't be too hard to maintain!

So, farewell February, hello March!

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