Posts tagged with "europe"

Blog Post | Fun In The Sun
In this blog post I delve into the scorching topic of the heatwaves engulfing Europe and beyond. I also navigate the complexities of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and offer my own perpsective on the unfolding events.
Blog Post  |  Life In The Time Of Corona
A blog post looking at the big anti-corona protests taking place in Berlin and the increase in fake news and conspiracy theories.

Blog Series | The Far-Right
The rise of the far-right in Europe evokes memories of our darkest hours, ones we hoped would never be repeated.
Blog Series |  Antisemitism
In Part 2 of this blog series I will explore the rise of violence and hate speech in Europe, with special emphasis on the increase in antisemitism.

Blog Series | Femicide
In Part 1 of this Blog Series, I will be looking at violence against women and girls and the unsettling trend of the rising number of femicides in Europe.